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How to go from 9 visible participants to 49?

Bert Le Bruyn
1 October 2020


  1. Bert Le Bruyn
    Bert Le Bruyn

    Yesterday we had an (online) introduction to Teams and we were hoping to automatically see all the students in one go… That didn’t happen but a quick call to Educate-IT taught us how to do it:
    In Settings, go to ‘Algemeen’ and select the option ‘Nieuwe vergaderingservaring inschakelen’ (the sixth one under ‘Toepassing’). If you then (fully) restart, you get the 49 we were promised if you select ‘grote galerie’ under ‘meer acties’. Also check out the funny ‘modus samen’ :-)
    One more thing: we had some hope that people would always have the same view as one another but that’s not the case (a person who is in your left upper corner isn’t necessarily in another person’s gallery view).

  2. Rik Vangangelt
    Rik Vangangelt

    Dear Bert, thanks for sharing this! I didn’t know it was possible (I was using the new meeting experience, but hadn’t tried the ‘grote galerie’ option).
    One remark regarding the last thing: the view is based on who spoke last. The view won’t match exactly for all participants, but it should be more or less the same right?!

    • Bert Le Bruyn
      Bert Le Bruyn

      About the last point: that’s also what I guessed but our in-class experiment showed that playing around with ‘the upper row’ or ‘the lower row’ wouldn’t have worked ;-)

  3. Bart Strijbos
    Bart Strijbos

    Thank you Bert,

    When I as “host” of the meeting have this view, does it apply for the students as well? Or should they (if they want to) change their options as well. I guess the second applies and it is a local setting, but maybe you have a definitive answer.

  4. Carlijn van den Boomen
    Carlijn van den Boomen

    Hi, it would be great if this works! However, can you clarify in which ‘settings’ we find this option? I don’t have ‘General’ under the settings if I look at the settings via ‘Manage Team’ and don’t have ‘settings’ in the channel ‘General’. Am I looking in the wrong location (I can’t find any other settings anywhere)?

  5. Erwin van Sas
    Erwin van Sas


    the Teams application is updated and all. But if I check the large gallery view I only get 10 people at most on screen, and all the others remain hidden. Also in the ‘together mode’ I only get ten out of the 28 students. Updating Teams, Office, restarting the computer, checking all kinds of boxes in settings on and off does not seem to do the trick. Anyone? extra note: the ‘large gallery’ and ‘together mode’ are not have the word Preview in brackets anymore added, so this tells me that I am not working with the Beta-version but with the fully installed and updated version.

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