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Who is teaching community T@UU?

Teaching At Utrecht University (T@UU) was founded in 2012 by teachers who took the course for Educational Leadership 2011-2021 at the Centre of Academic Teaching (CAT). For these teachers, the contact with teachers from other faculties was so inspiring that they wanted to make it possible for every teacher to make use of it. This is thus what the teaching community stands for: supporting teachers so that they can exchange know-how, learn from each other, and inspire one another.

The T@UU council functions as the face of T@UU, both towards teachers and for the benefit of them. It unravels what is going on among teachers, including critical voices, and draws attention to it, both solicited and unsolicited. Together with the project leader and communications officer within T@UU, the T@UU council makes sure the community is thriving and sharing relevant knowledge. Do you have a question or suggestion for the T@UU council? Contact one of the T@UU council members here!

Share your questions, experiences, and knowledge in our community, follow the community on Twitter, and subscribe to the monthly newsletter here.

The online community and teacher activities are supported by the T@UU team. They can be reached via tauu@uu.nl. Are you a teacher at the university with an idea, a wish to write a blog, put a topic on the agenda, or do you have a question? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

TAUU team

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