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What does TAUU do for teachers?

Teaching community TAUU is there for all teachers at Utrecht University.

There are regular meetings, like workshops and drinks, where teachers meet to discuss current topics. It is also easy to ask and read questions from other teachers on the website. You can read what other teachers have written, for example concerning the outcomes of their innovation projects. There are regular new blogs and Dear Willemijn is our help section for difficult questions.

The activities of the TAUU are open to any and all UU teachers. There are regular meetings about current topics. There are blogs and other postings, as well as an events calendar. Please note: much of the content is in Dutch and some is in English, depending on its source. Feel free to submit your contributions in English. Some meetings will be held in English (if so, the announcement itself will be in English). If you don’t speak Dutch, but would like to attend a meeting that is announced to be in Dutch, please contact the organizer to ask whether it will be possible to switch to English.

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