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Open day ‘Back to the Future Learning Spaces’

On Wednesday 9 November, there will be an open day for UU colleagues where you can visit and experience all the Future Learning Spaces.

Since September, there has been another new space with the Future Learning Space (FLS) predicate, meaning it is being used for evaluation and implementation of a new way of teaching. There are now five learning spaces, all distinctive in use and design philosophy.


On the open day, plenary will open from the newest FLS: the Learning Plaza. Afterwards, there will be guided tours of all the FLS. Here, the possibilities of the spaces will be explained and it will be actively shown how they can be used for education. You can choose between a morning and an afternoon programme.

FLS, de Learning Plaza

The newest FLS: the Learning Plaza

How do we improve learning spaces?

In addition, the organisation of the Future Learning Spaces would also like to receive feedback from those who know most about how education can be taught: the lecturers. So be sure to come take a look and help improve education!

This project stems from the vision that the quality of education should not be limited by the way classrooms are designed, but that classrooms should be adapted to fit the best form of education.

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Roosmalen, D.H. van (Daphne)
3 November 2022

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