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Hoeveel pauze in online werkgroep?

Hou ik te weinig pauze in mijn online werkgroep? Is voor twee uur college vijf of twintig minuten normaal? Studenten geven aan het online onderwijs zwaar te vinden, maar ik vind het lastig om de te behandelen stof in te korten.

Rik Vangangelt
3 May 2021


  1. Adrien Melquiond
    Adrien Melquiond

    I remember this quote from Greg Wilson (great educator in computer science, a lot of good reading on his website: https://third-bit.com/): “Take a break every hour, because the basic unit of teaching is the bladder!”

    From experience, distance education requires extra focus, both from the teachers and the students, sometimes further complicated by a “suboptimal” working environment. Brains get tired, so do the bodies. So get your students up out of their seats for a short organic break every hour. It also gives the instructors a few moments to answer questions, think about their backlog and figure out if adjustments are needed for part that comes next

  2. Hetty Grunefeld (O&T)
    Hetty Grunefeld (O&T)

    How much break would you plan in an on-location session? Would you continue the full two-hour slot or do you include a break halfway? Imagine your 200 students leaving the lecture room, walking to the coffee machines, etc, and back again in 5 mins – not possible. But these breaks are useful for all sorts of things. Leave the session open for informal chat, or suggest students to open a separate chat/video chat with friends if they are back early. I would say 15 mins every hour, online as well as on location. And a poll about the main concepts you talked about in the first 45 mins to get everyone back on track, online as well as on location. See also Anouschka’s blog (https://tauu.uu.nl/blog/best-practices-in-online-werkgroepen)!

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