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Ik vertrek

Podcast series ‘Ik vertrek’ (I am leaving): Rozanne Versendaal on her teaching experiences

In this podcast you will get to know the temporary teachers of UU. What drives them to put their heart and soul into good academic education? Stef Dingemans and Sanne Frequin ask them about their lectures, colleagues and students. They also reflect on their position at the university. After all, a temporary teacher is often required to leave. How do they experience that? And what are the consequences of this for themselves and for education?

While you are doing research, teaching and working in your field, life at home goes on. With Rozanne Versendaal, we talk about how you keep up with all your duties (teaching, research and a young family) and what this sometimes costs.

The podcast is Dutch spoken.

Marijn van Ellen
16 February 2022

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