30 nov 2018

A Job Worth Having?


The Chronicle surveyed faculty members across the US about their work. I was struck by this figure:

How would we answer these questions, I wonder?

Personally, I can only hope that my teaching benefits my students but I am quite certain that my research has been of little consequence to the world… In my case that reflects the focus of my work at the college, but I am curious to hear how some of you would answer these questions.

NB: The full Chronicle of Higher Education report can be downloaded here. It’s an interesting read: while faculty members value their work, they also express frustrations with their jobs. Non-tenured faculty especially are left feeling disposable at institutions taking an all-too corporate approach. Sound familiar? Vergeet dan niet: WOinActie, 14 December.

Where do you see your impact: in your teaching or your research?

Christel Lutz, Nov. 2018 (c.i.lutz@uu.nl)


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