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Conversation about Inclusive Teaching to Enrich Utrecht University (online session)

How can we foster diversity and inclusion as rewarding and enriching aspects of teaching at UU? And how can we reconsider our University Teaching Qualifications (UTQ; BKO  and SKO in Dutch) programmes as instruments for embracing this empathetical and global vision?

A webinar on this subject is scheduled for October 14th from 15:15 to 16:45.

Diversity has become a part of our reality, maybe without even noticing this. In the past half a decade or so, internationalisation has been not only an objective but it has also become a valuable reality for Utrecht University. We now have a more diverse student and staff population in terms of gender as well as socio-economic and ethno-religious background. We could possibly be more explicit in embracing this empathetical and global vision, for example by encouraging conversations between teachers about the rewards of teaching in diverse classrooms and in some cases with more diverse reading lists. Teachers working towards their University Teaching Qualification (UTQ) are in a perfect position to reflect on the rewarding and enriching aspects of inclusive teaching.

So, in this session  we would like to invite our colleagues to think together about how UTQ-tutors and assessors (amongst others) could foster these conversations. Humanities lecturer Ozan Ozavci will kick off this session, after which he and educational consultant Hetty Grunefeld will lead a discussion on what questions to ask lecturers working on their UTQ to let them reflect on inclusive teaching and learning.

Please register via this link. You can attend this session via this MS Teams link!

Naomi Thielman
1 september 2021

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