09 mei 2017

How to give international students a voice


Through bi-weekly posts, MA staff participating in the USO-project on internationalisation will share concrete teaching tools and activities through which we aim to enhance ‘tailor-made’ internationalisation.

This week: resources for international students: lessons from MA Psychology.

This year, the master Clinical Psychology welcomed 27 students from a wide range of countries. The international programme required adjustments for both the teachers and the students. To gain more insight in how the international students experience their stay and study in The Netherlands, interviews with two international students were conducted.

In the interviews, students express their thoughts on the Dutch study system. They also elaborate on why they chose to study at Utrecht University. Overall, the students were positive, but delivered some feedback we should definitely take into account.

One thing the students consistently mention, in the interviews as well as in a midterm survey we conducted, is that staff in the Dutch study system is very accessible. Teachers are seen as approachable and students feel welcomed at our university. Students appreciate the fact that the study groups are small and that there is ample opportunity for interaction with staff members.
Points of improvement for us mostly concern the internships. Many students enrolling in a clinical psychology master wish to pursue a career as a clinical psychologist. However, setting up an internship in a country with a language different to their mother tongue can prove challenging.

All in all, giving students a voice gives us valuable insight in students’ experiences studying our programme at Utrecht University. The interviews are definitely worth a watch!


You can watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLiOfsYwK1qGfsW6dwRlY-llMSx7I_4Tj5


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