About Open Doors

With a profile on TAUU Open Door you can search for other UU teachers with specific expertise, and others can find you. It is easy: you will be asked a few multiple-choice questions as well as a number of open ones, which you may skip. The more you write, the more interesting your profile becomes – but you can always embellish later on. Next, you can see all Open Door profiles and search amongst them. It is also possible to tell the system what it is that you are looking for so it can inform you if a match is found.

Note: the information you enter on Open Door is only visible to other Open Door participants. And only UU teachers logged on to the TAUU website can see that you have created a profile.

Start by creating an Open Door profile
Create or adjust profile.

Please note that this is still a pilot version of the Open Doors tool. If any problem occurs, please contact Heleen Klomp via e-mail at tauu@uu.nl

More background information about this tool and its protocols can be found on the pages below this topic in the left side bar: Open Doors infographic, Open Doors protocols, and Open Doors e-mail messages.

Literature about peer observation and consultation can be found here.