7 mrt 2019

Developing Intercultural Competences for academic teachers


The HR department of Utrecht University is currently offering new courses (for staff and academic teachers) for (further) development of your intercultural competences. The courses are part of the interfaculty project ICUU (Intercultural Competences for Utrecht University).

The Educational Consultancy & Professional Development group (Onderwijsadvies & Training, partner of CAT) provides the training for academic teachers. The focus of this course will be on your personal development in intercultural competences but always from the point of view of your own educational practice. There is also a one-off session for staff and academic teachers combined to get a taste of what intercultural competences entail.

Training (4 sessions of 3,5 hrs):

The training for academic teachers will be offered in English, starting on the 7th or the 12th of March. This training supports teachers in developing the necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes to effectively adapt your teaching to the specific needs of a heterogeneous and diverse classroom. At the end of the training you will receive a certificate of attendance (if you have attended all 4 sessions). For registration or more information click here.


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