05 jul 2018

International classroom: recording webinar + courses


Internationalisation is not just about translating your course materials into English; it is also about supporting your students’ learning in a second language, providing an international framework (diversity in your case studies and examples) and developing intercultural competences. On the 31st of May I presented a webinar: The International Classroom: An introduction, which discussed the challenges and ‘best practices’ of each of these aspects.. Almost 60 people watched this webinar live and more than 200 people watched the recording of this webinar. Feel free to watch the recording yourself! If you would like to learn more after watching this webinar, we offer two course starting this autumn: Teaching in the International Classroom (starting the 11th of September) and Effective teaching in a second language (starting the 18th of October). Courses in Developing Intercultural Competences will also be available from the start of the new academic year. We’ll keep you posted!


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