25 sep 2017

Teaching in the International Classroom for GSLS teachers/supervisors

Tijdstip: 9:15-12:45
Locatie: UMC Utrecht

This course is intended for all teachers and supervisors –including PhD-students– that participate in one of the Master’s or PhD programmes of the Graduate School of Life Sciences (GSLS).

The course will appeal to academic staff who are interested in the intercultural and didactic implications of teaching in the International classroom. It has the practical aim of equipping academic staff to take on the challenges of university teaching in an international context. English-medium instruction (EMI) does not only involve teaching in a non-native language but also requires a methodological shift. This course will provide you with hands-on practice and tailored strategies that you can implement in your own teaching context.

After completing the course, participants should:

  • have developed some of the didactic and presentation skills (including compensation techniques) that a non-native speaker of English needs in order to provide high-quality learning activities to students who are often not native speakers either;
  • be able to get home and international students to interact with each other;
  • have tools available for dealing with cultural factors that play a role in the international classroom;
  • be aware of the role of feedback and assessment in the international classroom.

The course can be used for your BKO-file. Participants will receive a certificate when they actively participate in at least three course meetings. It is free of charge.

Course dates (4 day-long course):

  • Monday September 25th 2017, 9.15-12.45h
  • Thursday October 26th 2017, 9.15-12.45h
  • Monday November 20th 2017, 9.15-12.45h
  • Monday December 11th 2017, 9.15-12.45h

More information and application forms are available on the GSLS website.

More courses are available via the COLUU. They offer a number of courses in Dutch and also courses in English.

Teachers/supervisors of the UMC Utrecht can click here for an overview of the teacher training courses offered by UMC Utrecht.


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