22 jun 2017

Lezing: The Science of Teaching for Life (Prof. Diana Laurillard; UCL Institute of Education)

Tijdstip: 13:30 - 14:30
Locatie: Bar Beton Rijnsweerd, Pythagoraslaan 101, 3584 BB Utrecht

The Science of Teaching for Life

Professionalising teaching innovation in the digital age

As educators in the digital age we need to optimise our use of digital methods to improve the quality and reach of our teaching, and improve student’ learning outcomes. How do we build that new knowledge, and share what we discover about the new digital pedagogies now open to us? Educators can no longer work in isolation given the challenges we face. Can we use technology to become more professional in building our collective knowledge? The presentation will propose some new design tools to support educators, and a new approach to professionalising teaching.

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