26 jun 2017

TAUU lustrum event “Being diverse”

Tijdstip: 14:00 - 20:30
Locatie: Campus University College (PM)
Auteur: - TAUU team


Let’s celebrate our birthday! TAUU was founded five years ago and we would like to celebrate this with you and all the teachers at Utrecht University. On Monday, June 26 we are throwing a party, starting at 14:00. We warmly invite you to celebrate the 5th anniversary of TAUU with us.

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TAUU means sharing experiences about teaching and is about creating a bottom up community of education at the UU. In that spirit we have composed an interesting program related to diversity in teaching with the theme: ‘Being diverse’.

The lustrum event will take place at the Campus University College. Underneath you will find the program of the day.


14:00:   Reception (Auditorium, UCU Campus)

14:30:   Keynote Debbie Cole (Associate Professor dept. Languages,   Literature and Communication, UU): The ‘who’, ‘what and ‘how’ of being diverse (see abstract below) (Auditorium, UCU Campus)

15.30:   Break

15:45:   Parallel workshops (Workshop of students of inclUUsion on ‘Being   InclUUded’, a singing workshop on ‘Voicing the individual and the collective’ and a ‘Doing Diversity’ photo booth.) (Locke, UCU Campus)

16:45:   Refreshments (Auditorium, UCU Campus)

17:30:   Food and music (until 20.30) (Auditorium, UCU Campus)

Would you like to join our party? Then please sign in via this form. Don’t hesitate to tell all your colleagues about this celebration.

Abstract plenary lecture by Debbie Cole: The ‘who’, ‘what’ and ‘how’ of being diverse

As academic staff, we are regularly charged with “appreciating”, “celebrating”, and “managing” diversity and with enabling our students to acquire these behaviors as well. What is meant by “diversity” is often unclear, however, as is what should be done in practice to appreciate, celebrate, and manage it. This talk aims to clarify what it might mean to be diverse in teaching and learning contexts within higher education.

Informed by research and theory in anthropology, applied linguistics, and sociolinguistics, the definition of “diversity” presented here refers to an inherent characteristic of individuals (rather than of groups). I will argue that “being diverse” involves the individual acquisition, performance, and recognition of a variety of behaviors and traits that we stereotypically assign to groups and hope to demonstrate how such a definitional shift leads explicitly to practical implications for teaching and learning in the university setting. Participants will be invited to evaluate the usefulness of this concept of diversity for their own pedagogy and scholarship.







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