8 mrt 2018

Course: Teaching in the International Classroom – O&T, COLUU

Tijdstip: 9:15 - 12:45
Locatie: De Uithof
Auteur: - O&T, COLUU

This course will appeal to academic staff who are interested in the intercultural and didactic implications of teaching in the international classroom. It has the practical aim of equipping academic staff to take on the challenges of university teaching in an international context. English-medium instruction (EMI) requires a methodological shift because EMI affects not only teaching performance but also has an impact on the participation and interaction with and among students.

This course will provide hands-on practice and tailored strategies that can be implemented in your own teaching context.


The following topics will be addressed:

  • the implications of both teaching and learning in the international classroom
  • the alignment of aims, teaching methods, assignments and assessment in the international classroom
  • expectation management: making the implicit explicit
  • how to adjust your teaching tools to the international classroom and for different teaching contexts, e.g. lectures, tutorials and research supervision
  • how to stimulate interaction between home and international students in tutorials
  • assessment and feedback in the international classroom


After completing the course, participants should:

  • have developed some of the didactic and presentation skills (including compensation techniques) that a non-native speaker of English needs in order to provide high-quality learning activities to students who are often also not native speakers
  • be able to get home and international students to interact with each other
  • have tools available for dealing with cultural factors that play a role in the international classroom
  • be aware of the role of feedback and assessment in the international classroom


Foreign and Dutch teachers who (are going to) teach in English.


22 hours. The course consists of four sessions of three and a half hours each. Each session requires one or two hours of preparation by the participants.

More information and application

See the website of Educational Development & Training (Onderwijsadvies & Training)


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